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Andrey Repin 
Fall-Winter/2011-12 Collection

The Tuileries patterns set is a part of Andrey Repin's collection dedicated to The Thirty Years' War and the birth of Baroque art. All three sections feature passages from Felix Maximov essay, which was one of the things that inspired the collection.


Angels of Barocco are children. Half infants, half prophets. Too sophisticated and intent for infants, heaven foundlings, golden eyed moon children, dangerous Midwich Cockoos. Winged children are playing with crowns of thorns ans peacks - Symbols of Passions of Christ. Children are keeping skulls on their knees and riding gravestones like wooden rocking horses.

Angels do not smile anymore, they are loudly lauthering. They found consolation only in the flight, musical instruments, dice, torn burses, dead heads, dissected to their juice cytrons, pomegranates and oisters - symbols of old age and lust.

Felix Maximov "Perola Barroca"